Engagement Opportunities

for Retirees

Career Center
The Career Center helps students identify and explore their strengths and interests and pursue rewarding career paths. Help students enhance their professional development by serving as a panel member and participating in networking events. Be sure to also refer or post opportunities that UMBC students can engage in, including internships, research, and part-time or full-time positions, through the Career Center. Visit the Career Center website for more information on their programs.

Faculty Development Center Programs
Retired faculty and staff are welcome to participate in events sponsored by the Faculty Development Center, including workshops, seminars, and book discussion groups. Visit the Faculty Development Center website for more information on their programs.

Academic Learning Resources
Retired staff may serve as leadership mentors for new staff or collaborate with Academic Learning Resources staff to market our services to students. Teaching sections of LRC 105 or LRC 101A as we add classes to meet enrollment demands may also be something of interest. Contact the Academic Learning Resources, 410-455-2447. More information on the Academic Learning Resources can be found on their website.

My Budget Coach
The Financial Literacy and Education Committee extends an invitation to the Wisdom Institute members to volunteer to serve as coaches for My Budget Coach Visit  https://www.mybudgetcoach.org for more information about training. Questions can be directed to myBC@umbc.edu.

The Shriver Center
Student mentoring and advising on community-based learning and service through The Shriver Center is an opportunity open to retirees… Visit The Shriver Center website for more information on their programs.

Undergraduate Student Experience
The undergraduate student experience is important to retention and student success. Opportunities are available to teach with a First Year Seminar (FYS), Introduction to an Honors University Seminar (IHU), or a Transfer Seminar (TRS). In addition, you may connect with students via the New Student Book Experience or through the Summer Bridge Program. More information on these programs can be found by contacting the Office of Academic Engagement and Transition Programs (AETP) or by visiting their website.