Lifelong Learning Programs at Community Colleges

Baltimore County: The Senior Program at CCBC

Learning is a lifelong experience! Senior Programs at CCBC offer a wide array of courses throughout the county.  A majority are offered at Owings Mills and Hunt Valley sites where parking is readily available.  These include varied multi-week courses and one-day (Senior Adult Learning Activity Days) classes, which are open to everyone.  Students age 60+ receive a tuition waiver and are only responsible for the fees associated with a class.  Students who reside outside of Baltimore County are welcome to attend, with an out-of-county fee of $10 per class.  No homework or testing means no stress but allows plenty of opportunity for social and cultural enrichment. Wellness and fitness classes invigorate your body and sense of self. Learn new skills, develop hidden artistic talent and broaden your horizons through travel and special events. Best of all, students 60+ only pay the class fees!