Armchair Travel Submissions

Culebra is a small, sparsely populated island and surrounding group of cays off the east coast of Puerto Rico.
Photo credit: Culebra Department of Travel

Have you had a travel experience that you would like to share?

Perhaps you have visited a place that you found beautiful, exciting, and/or peaceful: a landscape, a museum, a city. It does not need to be exotic–maybe it was a hike here in Maryland, or even be your favorite vacation spot at the beach. Please consider sharing your impressions of a place you have visited that you would recommend to others.

The Wisdom Institute would be pleased to consider your submission for inclusion in “The Armchair Travel” column, a regular feature of our Newsletter.

You may submit:

  • A 300-400 draft to pique our colleagues interest
  • Photos (1 or 2) with a caption and photo credit

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the Wisdom Institute at
Armchair Travel Submissions