Book Talk Submission

Tell us about the last good book that you read!

Do you recall going to your school or local library as a child and listening to the librarian talk about a book? The librarian would show the book, get to an extremely interesting part of the story, and then STOP! Then you would be told to borrow the book if you wanted to learn how the story ended. If you were like me, you raced to grab that book before anyone could when it was time to check out books!

Why not recreate those exciting moments for ourselves as retired adult readers? If you are reading or have read an intriguing book lately, and would like to nominate the book for possible inclusion in “Book Talks,” please draft a 300-400 word book talk to pique our colleagues’ interest. Whatever you do, DO NOT tell the end of the story!

Accepted book talks will appear in the “Book Talks” column of the Wisdom Institute Newsletter.

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